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Atman and the Brahman, the individual rays of the self and the Absolute SearchWithin is committed to offering rare resources for the sincere spiritual seeker who is earnestly looking for Truth or Reality. Here, you will find unique reading material and other resources for seekers who are serious about going within and discovering something meaningful—something deeper in life. We offer no dogmas, no enchanted formulas, and no sales pitches. Read these pages with an open mind and an open heart, and you may catch a glimpse of something deeper within...

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  Read or download over 200 spiritual essays, transcriptions, audio recordings, and wisdom from real spiritual writers in our SearchWithin download center. Updated regularly.RSS feed for downloads

A sampling of the latest material:
» Audio Recordings by Paul Constant. A dozen newly released audio recordings about the spiritual path.
» Films for Seekers by Peter Lisa (external web link)
» Select Passages from The Experience of No-Self by Bernadette Roberts (PDF, 207 KB)
» The Nondual Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff by Thomas McFarlane (PDF, 108 KB)
» The Core Albigen System Principles of Richard Rose (PDF, 101 KB)
» Bart Marshall Realization. Excerpted from Bart Marshall's book, Becoming Vulnerable to Grace: Strategies for Self-Realization (PDF, 213 KB).

  Read an excerpt from the Psychology of the Observer, a book describing a going within that triggered one man's discovery of Reality.

  Gain more insight into going within and tracing our way back to our Source by reading Jacob's Ladder: A Direct Going Within.

  Travel with a sincere seeker through an 8-year journey as his spiritual search unfolds while working with Richard Rose and his Albigen System.

  In No Religion Is Greater Than Friendship, learn how helping others accelerates a seeker's progress on the spiritual path.

  Read reviews of spiritual books authored by Franz Hartmann, Joseph Sadony, Eckhart Tolle, and others, each selected for their unique perspective and helpful advice for the sincere spiritual seeker.

  Read the TAT Journal, a rare archived publication "for the esoteric seeker, transcendentalist, mystic, or scientist looking for the new frontiers."

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We go on to the highest form of Spiritual Work, the Realization of the Essence of Man. The final definition of man. And with this definition...the definition of all things, and a realization of the Nature, or Absolute, or God, behind all things.

- Richard Rose

Who—and what—you really are is at all times utterly still and absolutely silent.

- Bob Cergol

It's useful to keep the "back of the book" answer in mind. Throughout history, in every part of the world, everyone who has ever awakened to the true nature of Reality reports the same thing: The person you think yourself to be does not exist—there is no world, there are no people.

- Bart Marshall

Step #1 is intuiting, or hearing and believing, that all answers lie within. If you're fortunate, this intuition or belief will also include the understanding that you don't find the answer but become it.

- Art Ticknor

Death is inside each of us. I don't mean that we will all die one day. I mean that if we peer inside, down the mazy layers of noise that pass for a mind, we discover a black wall of the unknown. Behind this, inside us, is death.

- Shawn Nevins

Awareness, Love, is what we are, not romantic love or anything that the relative or ego can get control of, but truly, all there is, is Love. This "pearl beyond price" is what is at the core of each of us, and it is up to each of us individually to take the great journey within.

- Tess Hughes

For those seeking to know the Self or the Truth, there is hope, there is a subtractive path that involves working with others and on yourself, to find Truth for its own sake. Your efforts are not in vain.

- Mike Gegenheimer