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Upcoming spiritual meetings and events for people who are serious about finding real answers to the mystery of life...

TAT Foundation Gatherings
2021 Event Dates

The TAT Foundation came about as a result of the life of Richard Rose. It was his dream to form an organization grounded in what he found so little of in his years of searching: sincerity and true perspective. TAT—Truth and Transmission—was founded on the conviction that our investigation of life's mysteries is expedited by working with others who are exploring, perhaps down a different road, so that we may share our discoveries, exchange ideas, and "compare notes" in order to come to a better understanding of our self and others.

For almost 50 years, the TAT Foundation has focused on providing a forum of friendship where truth-seekers can compare, discuss, and debate their successes and struggles in the spiritual search. TAT offers a unique opportunity to meet fellow seekers and hear amazing personal stories. Want to join thought-provoking discussions that may produce inspiration and action? Visit the TAT Current Events web page for information on TAT's annual events.

Gainesville Philosophical Self-Inquiry Group

The Gainesville Philosophical Self-Inquiry Group meets every other Monday. This is a gathering of individuals who are aiming for a similar goal through invaluable mirroring, jolts, feedback, inspiration, and friendship.

New York City Self-Inquiry Group

Our goal is to investigate and confront our unexamined beliefs in a group dynamic within a safe environment. We aim to serve as mirrors for each other, to see ourselves more clearly. Topics range from the psychological ("What kind of people annoy you?") to the abstract ("What is the nature of perception?"). Meetings occur every Monday at 180 Maiden Lane from 6-8 PM. We welcome any new members who are interested in self-inquiry.

Pittsburgh Self-Inquiry Group

The Pittsburgh Self Inquiry Group offers a friendly environment where people seeking to discover a true understanding of themselves and their place in the cosmos can work together. Meetings occur on the first and third Wednesday year-round, 7-9 PM at the Friend's Meeting House, 4836 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh 15213—within walking distance of both Pitt and CMU's campuses.

Portland, OR Self-Inquiry Group

A small group of us meet most Sundays at a coffee shop. The format for our meetings is to give each person 20 minutes or so to talk about whatever is coming up for them in their spiritual practice and to answer questions from the others.

Above the unity of being is the union of love. Love is the meaning and purpose of duality.

- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That