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Richard Rose: Books, Articles, and Excerpts

Richard Rose Photo Publications about Richard Rose and choice excerpts from some of his writings.

  The Path to Reality Through the Self by John Kent, Ph.D.
A dissertation on the teachings of Richard Rose, presented in an organized, systematic manner.

  Peace to the Wanderer (PDF, 600 KB) by Robert J. Martin
A 40-year story unfolds through Martin's pen in his account of the early years of Richard Rose.

  The Core Albigen System Principles of Richard Rose (PDF, 101 KB)
Choice quotes from Richard Rose's teachings.

  The Observer by Richard Rose
An excerpt from the book, Psychology of the Observer.

  Jacob's Ladder by Richard Rose
Diagram to the soul.

  Essence of the Albigen System
Core principles.

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We climb the highest mountain of human endeavor, only to find, as others found before us, that within ourselves we are nothing. The soul within us, if not sleeping, is but the interception by our nervous system of the great Broadcasting Program of Man.

- Joseph Sadony, Gates of the Mind