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Audio Recordings by Paul Constant

»  Entire Collection of Recordings (ZIP, 876 MB)
Download all 12 of Paul Constant's audio recordings, compressed into a single ZIP file.

  Jacob's Ladder: A Direct Going Within (MP3, 1 hr 26 min, 20 MB)
From the Self Inquiry Group weekend spiritual intensive titled Becoming What Is: The Long, Hard Journey from Here to Here, held near Raleigh, North Carolina.

  Richard Rose's Jacob's Ladder (MP3, 1 hr 23 min, 19 MB)
In his book Psychology of the Observer, Richard Rose illustrates a retreat from the mind's frailties through Jacob's Ladder. This presentation climbs Jacob's Ladder to illustrate Rose's method of finding our way back to our Source.

  For the Love of Truth (MP3, 1 hr 20 min, 137 MB)
As a spiritual seeker, you yearn to become something more—or something less. But what shall you become? What shall you relinquish? And what will galvanize you when your desires and strategies have gone awry?

  Absorbing Conflict (MP3, 55 min, 55 MB)
It is imperative that we maximize our discernment of opposites. This presentation cultivates something deeper and widens our perspectives through approaches that point us away from the world of paradox and toward what is. The session notes and diagrams are available here on

  Shifting Our Attention: From the Unreal to the Real and Everything In Between (MP3, 60 min, 84 MB)
How do we shift the fundamental attention that is intrinsic in all of us? Is there a direct feeling approach to what most seekers long to merge with?

  Paul Constant Interview (MP3, 1 hr 44 min, 61 MB).
Shake up your preconceptions about spiritual awakening and enlightenment. An in-depth podcast interview with Shawn Nevins from Alternative audio streaming is also available here.

  Shifting Our Attention (MP3, 1 hr 20 min, 104 MB)
From the Triangle Inquiry Group and the Center for Mindfulness and Non-Duality autumn retreat titled The Nature of Identity/Beyond Self, held in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  Doubt: The Two-Edged Sword of Spiritual Seekers (MP3, 55 min, 77 MB)
Like most traits, our ability to doubt cuts both ways. As seekers, we should employ a healthy doubt when evaluating spiritual systems and teachers. By contrast, doubting ourself—doubting our ability to see the obvious and feel what is true in our heart—might lead us astray for years or even decades.

  Meditation and Consciousness (MP3, 42 min, 98 MB)
Experiences and tips on consciousness, meditation, the voice in your head, friendship, and more, excerpted from Week 5 of a university student course.

  Navigating Our Spiritual Waters to the Greatest Treasure of All (MP3, 57 min, 80 MB)
As explorers in the spiritual world, we undertake a grand journey with the hope of finding the greatest treasure of all—one that fully satisfies our desire to know who we truly are.

  The Threefold Path (MP3, 57 min, 106 MB)
In his teachings, Richard Rose laid out The Threefold Path to remind us that we cannot solely work on one level at a time. He offered tips and pointers toward three levels: the physical, the mental, and the essential, with the intent of inspiring seekers to take their own steps toward an eternal spiral—from the mundane to the Absolute.

  Rapport Sitting (MP3, 39 min, 55 MB)
An introduction to the meaning of spiritual rapport and rapport sittings.

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For those seeking to know the Self or the Truth, there is hope, there is a subtractive path that involves working with others and on yourself, to find Truth for its own sake. Your efforts are not in vain.

- Mike Gegenheimer, Between-ness Opens the Mind to Grace