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TAT Journal
Publication for the Spiritual Seeker

TAT Foundation Welcome

From 1977 to 1986, the TAT Foundation published the TAT Journal as a "Forum for Awareness" for the spiritual seeker. The Journal was published quarterly until 1980, at which point production continued intermittently until 1986. In due course, TAT printed a total of 14 editions of the TAT Journal.

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The following reproductions of the TAT Journal were developed through scanning the original publications from cover to cover, using optical character recognition software, and then converting the text to HTML. These "digital reproductions" are meant to provide you, the reader, with the actual content and are not necessarily intended as exact replicas.

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TAT Journal History

The Journal's editorial staff members, all of who were volunteers, described the publication as a meeting place...

  For the esoteric seeker, transcendentalist, mystic, or scientist looking for the new frontiers...

  For people who are dedicated to the development of genuine friendship among all levels of spiritual and psychological research...

  For people who see the need to share ideas, but who cannot meet personally, and for those who will give support and find support while seeking a common goal...

  For specialists who see the value of broadening their perspectives by association with specialists in related fields and for people who, regardless of specialty, find a value in the psychological encounters with their fellows that help them to better understand themselves and so find peace of mind and a better understanding of their friends.

Enjoy each TAT Journal for the rich content and historical snapshots!

The fact that you don't act means you don't have conviction. State of mind equals conviction. Mood equals inclination.

- Richard Rose