TAT Journal Index of Issues 1-14


TAT Journal Issue 1 (Volume 1, Number 1)

Mr. Kerrick lives in Philadelphia and is the author of a book, Is There A Way Out?


TAT Journal Issue 2 (Volume 1, Number 2)

A Glimpse of Nothingness by Janwillem van de Wetering and The Conquest of Illusion by J.J. van der Leeuw.


TAT Journal Issue 3 (Volume 1, Number 3)

Psychic Exploration edited by Edgar D. Mitchell and John White, and The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes.


TAT Journal Issue 4 (Volume 1, Number 4)

Powers of Mind by Adam Smith and Possession and Exorcism by Traugott K. Oesterreich.


TAT Journal Issue 5 (Volume 1, Number 5)

Our two Forum essays warn that words, the philosopher's only tool, cannot take him to his goal of Truth. As Wittgenstein said: "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."

Blind desire, "procreant urge of the world," leaves no time for reflection. Is there any understanding it?

The Intensive Journal is a method of meditation for westerners, a roadmap of the mind. Writer Michael Baldrige tells us about Progoff, the guide, and the interior world that his Journal method helps to illuminate.

The author of "The Voices We May Hear" tells a moving and true story of a convict's struggle for dignity against both his fellow "cons" and the prison authorities.

Our three-part series on the recurrent dream concludes with an explanation of how to use the dream to recover a sense of purpose and direction in life. You can eliminate the apathy that often grows with age and renew your youthful enthusiasm.

There is no satisfactory theory to explain Biorhythms, but its supporters can produce evidence to show that "it works." This review of the Biorhythms literature suggests, however, that expectation may be father to the hoped-for result.

Beginning a new series on the teachers, masters and prophets who have helped to advance human awareness.

An English seeress viewed today's world during the sixteenth century.

Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook by Ram Dass, The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage by Dion Fortune, and Pathways Through To Space by Franklin Merrell-Wolff.


TAT Journal Issue 6 (Volume 2, Number 1)

Real astrology is not found in the generalizations of newspaper horoscopes, but is a remarkable, symbolic explanation of the types and manifestations of human and natural energy. Few people really understand it, but those who do can use the world's oldest system of "psychoanalysis."

Keep in touch with our entire readership, fellow inquirers you would otherwise not have access to, or would have to spend a lifetime searching for.

Joseph Chilton Pearce's popular book, now over seven years old, contains a modest proposal that mankind can create Its own reality. His ideas have yet to be grasped.

Autism is a medically incomprehensible affliction that locks children into a strange, asocial world. Gordon Broussard's work with autistic children has led him to an intuitive method of healing that produces amazingly successful results.

The Jonestown affair and a personal experience with a cult prompted this consideration of the explosive issue behind the stories: Do Americans really believe in freedom of religion and belief?

Dr. Bissell talks about wholistic health and American medicine, biofeedback, illness, nutrition, caffeine, fasting and stress.

The second installment of this series focuses on a traditional Indian guru who became universally known on the strength of his spiritual teaching, before eastern religion became fashionable in the west.

An ancient manuscript depicts a philosophical Jesus that we rarely encounter.

The Practice of Zen by Garma C.C. Chang, Underground Man by Edward Abood, and God Is My Adventure by Rom Landau.


TAT Journal Issue 7 (Volume 2, Number 2)

Biological scientists are rapidly gaining the ability to control the course of human evolution. Have ancient civilizations also sought such power, only to be crushed by jealous Nature?

As Gordon Broussard succeeded In drawing autistic children out of their Isolation, he also learned more and more about his own Inner nature. In the conclusion of his book, he explains that "miracles" are reality for the fully harmonized individuals who have contacted the source of all energy.

A story of how love and hate weave their fateful compulsion Into the small world of a boy.

Dr. Miller discusses nutrition, weight control, auriculotherapy, arthritis and allergies.

Everyone has had flashes of Inspiration or Insight that help to solve a problem or answer a question; but few realize that these experiences are caused by the same mystical faculty that, in the most unusual men and women, produces the phenomenon known as "cosmic consciousness."

Eileen Garrett, the greatest medium and "psychic" of this century, strove to understand her gifts, and allowed scientists to scrutinize them in countless experiments. She could see ghosts and talk to spirits, but always maintained a respectful doubt about her powers.

The Image of An Oracle by Ira Progoff, Discernment—A Study in Ecstasy and Evil by Morton Kelsey, and A Guide for the Perplexed by E.F. Schumacher.


TAT Journal Issue 8 (Volume 2, Number 3)

Dracula and other fictional vampires grip the popular imagination because they represent the human fascination with sex and death. Martin Riccardo describes vampire legends and beliefs from around the world.

Thoughts from a rare Individual who has used his physical confinement to seek mental freedom.

The practitioners of magick in ages past may not have been so superstitious and foolish as we now like to believe. Their complex rituals were concentrative methods for leading them into the subconscious mind.

What do you know for sure? Does our mastery of concepts contain any assurance of real knowledge? What Is knowledge? What Is reality?

Modern theories of mental Illness may explain abnormal human behavior less adequately than do traditional beliefs in spirit possession.

A classic account of a life-after-death experience by a man who made the trip and returned.

Richard Rose describes his early investigation Into the confusing varieties of yoga, and his good fortune in encountering the books of Paul Brunton as a guide.

Alkaline vegetables and cold water hygiene are combined in the Waerland's purifying regimen

The Book of the Damned by Charles Fort, Secret Talks with Mr. G., The Mysteries Of Chartres Cathedral by Louis Charpentier, Sexual Energy and Yoga by Elisabeth Haich.


TAT Journal Issue 9

Gurdjieff was a master psychologist who used drama and shocks to "awaken" sleeping humanity.

The author's lifetime of investigation into spiritual movements has revealed a Babel of confusion among seekers. Can the Truth be so complicated?

The East has a science, virtually unknown in the West, of transforming physical energy into explosive mental power.

Spontaneous lunacy by a modern Sufi.

Selections from Magic: White and Black. A classic work about the inner spiritual alchemy.

A penetrating look at the premises of "pop psychology."

Animal protein has its problems.

The paradox of predestination.

Unexplained mental phenomena are evidence that mind is not limited to the brain.

The Law of Suggestion by Santanelli, Sword of Wisdom by Ithell Colquhoun, Magic: White and Black by Franz Hartmann, and Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Chilton Pearce.


TAT Journal Issue 10

Europeans have mistaken the Aborigines for primitives. In fact, they built a mental rather than a physical civilization to survive in a cruelly barren land.

A journey to Chartres, where the Gothic builders wrote a mysterious book of stone and glass.

A thorough survey of Frankl's Logotherapy, which goes beyond behaviorism and points the way to a study of the human soul.

A dream of humanity's progress.

"I am a mirror that madness looks upon, and sees a hope surmounting foolishness..."

A clear explanation of the basic symbolism of the Tarot cards and how to learn their meanings.

Compare your own characteristics to the keywords for your sun sign.

Part 1 of a series of practical advice on getting your head on straight.

Turn off the T.V. and stretch yourself to sleep.

All about herbs to eat, drink, and rub for nutrition and healing.

The Psychological Society by Martin L. Gross, The Castrated Family by Harold M. Voth, M.D., The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980's by Marilyn Ferguson, and Conscience—The Search for Truth by P.D. Ouspensky.

Science has yet to probe the amazing effects of sound on physical objects and on human emotions.


TAT Journal Issue 11

How to heal your own inner divisions.

Science often rejects what it cannot understand, including some amazing inventions that might have prevented our energy problems.

A psychiatrist's remarkable account of Hadad, the convict who could hypnotize, disappear and rise from the dead - among other occult powers.

Analyze Handwriting Immediately by Joseph Zmuda, The New Celibacy by Gabrielle Brown, and The Secrets of Spirulina by Christopher Hills.

Why dreaming is essential for your mental health.

The renowned biochemist and medical astrologer, tells how to give your body's cells the raw materials that they need.

Will how you die say something about how you lived?

Everything you need to know to chart your own horoscope.

The evolution of a super mental faculty in the human race.

The story of a man's spiritual illumination and the work it engendered.

A revealing look at John Lennon's horoscope and the dream that died with him.


TAT Journal Issue 12

The best-seller and hit movie were based on fact—the actual case of a Maryland boy's possession and exorcism in 1949.

Until we learn the limitations of our thinking in approaching reality, we will remain mental cavemen.

Theories of trickery and self-hypnosis fail to explain how firewalkers the world around can step through hot coals without being burned. Their feat defies our concept of "reality."

They are musical virtuosi, human calculators, mechanical geniuses—and severely retarded.

A chilling tale by the famous encyclopedist of esoteric lore.

The link between planetary movements and body chemistry.

Western doctors have reluctantly admitted that acupuncture works. But can they accept the "why"?

The eyes are windows of the body as well as of the soul.

Part II of How to Chart Your Own Horoscope: The Planetary Aspects.

Recent brain/mind research explains how religions begin with "right brain" visions and evolve "left brain" creeds.

Modern Life-after-death research is incomplete without a study of this ancient guide to the Bardo realm.

"I": The Story of Self by Michael J. Eastcott, Mysteries by Colin Wilson, Hypnotism and Psychic Phenomena by Simeon Edmunds, Yoga and Psychotherapy by Swami Rama, Rudolph Ballentine M.D. and Swami Ajaya (Allan Weinstock), Ph.D., and Psychology of the Observer by Richard Rose.


TAT Journal Issue 13

A look at Christianity's outstanding mystic.

Feeling may be our sixth sense.

Richard Rose's concept of "Between-ness" may be the key to understanding the nature of the paranormal.

A poem on rediscovering the wisdom of childhood.

What all the world is searching.

Mark Twain believed the forty-year friendship with a woman in his dreams was as real as anything in our waking world.

Magic, White and Black by Franz Hartmann, M.D., A New Science of Life by Rupert Sheldrake, Psychedelics Encyclopedia (Revised Edition) by Peter Stafford, Concepts of Qabalah by William G. Gray, and The Continuing Discovery of Chiron by Erminie Lantero.

What you eat may influence what you think.

A clinical psychologist compares Swedenborg's view of the spirit world with the experiences of his schizophrenic patients.

The nostalgic experience of a woman in modern day Egypt.

What questions do we face upon turning the corner from our youth?

What do scientific discoveries have to say about the psychology of the sexes?

Lorraine and Ed Warren come to investigate strange goings-on in Sharon White Taylor's home.

The subtle hypnosis of everyday life and how to overcome it.

A poem by Richard Rose.


TAT Journal Issue 14

A guide for the perplexed.

The common sense of traditional sexual morality is being validated by new discoveries about body and brain chemistry, and the differences between the sexes.

Excerpts from his ground-breaking 1938 thesis, including a remarkable first-hand account of a demonic possession, reveal the late Rev. Louis Greene to have been a bold investigator of the paranormal.

As he did in his earlier essay with the same title, Richard Rose brilliantly describes the traps that Nature lays for the unwary seeker after Truth, and the counter-measures that must be employed.

Dorothy Eady of London had the rare opportunity to "re-live" what she felt to be a past life in ancient Egypt. A true story.

An original study of a contemporary Italian medium, healer, bi-locator and stigmatic, by a director of the Southern California Society for Psychical Research.

The "pre-civilized" people of ancient Britain had a profound religion/ philosophy that acknowledged the correspondences between mind and matter, and man and nature.

A journey into the richly varied traditions, myths and poems of the Teutonic peoples.

The amazing story of a West Virginia lawyer who recovered from serious and disabling brain injury following a transcendent experience in a graveyard.


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