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Articles and Essays by Paul Constant

  Abiding in Our Heart (PDF, 47 KB)
What are the qualities of a full heart?

  The Marks of Enlightenment (PDF, 45 KB)
What are the marks of Enlightenment?

  Doubt: The Two-Edged Sword of Spiritual Seekers (PDF, 57 KB)
How to adeptly apply doubt to sharpen our inquiry into spiritual teachers and systems.

  SNR (and the meaning of ego) (PDF, 89 KB)
Our background noise drastically interferes with a signal that is always broadcasting.

  Friendship (PDF, 35 KB)
A powerful aspect of spiritual friendship manifests as the "x" factor.

  Direct Going Within
Going within and tracing our way back to our Source.

  No Religion Is Greater Than Friendship
Friendship as a key part of the spiritual path.

  Richard Rose
Spiritual teacher who changed lives.

  Soap Bubbles (PDF, 48 KB)
The mind's delicate position.

  Spiritual Rapport (PDF, 43 KB)
A commonality that connects all of us in the mind dimension.

  The Mind's Resistance (PDF, 22 KB)
Turn the attention inward and overcome the mind's resistance.

  Untruth (PDF, 74 KB)
Knowing untruths will lead to the discovery of your Source.

  A Personal Story - Experiences with Richard Rose
An 8-year story of spiritual discovery unfolds.

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Your inner being knows. Your outer being is always unknowing.

- James J. Burns III, At Home with the Inner Self