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The Essence of the Albigen System

With its practical methods for self definition, Richard Rose and his Albigen System provide down-to-earth advice for the sincere seeker. Many spiritual teachers have different ways of expressing similar ideas. At the core of each authentic spiritual system, methods may indirectly or "accidentally" cause the seeker to find, or become, the Truth. Through personal analysis, the authors of SearchWithin have attempted to extract a few kernels from the Albigen System:

Retreating from error — Know that a system that postulates an end result encourages belief rather than doubt; acceptance rather than a search. Know also that the mind is capable of fulfilling desires and prefers the creation of end results over the labor of introspection. A true spiritual system is one that retreats from untruth—we employ a going within to remove erroneous concepts or beliefs which oppose direction and temporarily adopt new ones until we can move on with improved intuition.

Maintaining a "clear head" — On which thoughts are we spending most of our mental time? Is it the family, our job, our daily survival? Paranoia, power, or popularity? Know that such small details command attention, and that dwelling on such thoughts is defined as "useless mental preoccupation" in relation to Attention.

Consistent and consecutive action — We need to develop ways and means on the spiritual path—a set of reminding habits—and stick to them no matter how much we rationalize or how foolish these habits seem. Know that the fluctuating moods and attitudes will become negative or hopeless toward the Path, and that unshakeable determination during such times will maintain our "vulnerability to Grace."

Self-delusion — Are we rationalizing energy or opportunity away? What part is it that regrets non-action? Know that the mind outwits the anterior, observing Self.

Judiciously exercising the will — Know that "right" meditation involves turning the internal head away from distracting thoughts, and placing attention on the observing process.

Rapport — We must work together with fellow seekers and serve as honest, trusting mirrors for each other. Richard Rose coined several Laws of wisdom—namely, the "Law of the Ladder" and the "Law of Extra-Proportional Returns"—that are rapport in action. Neither of these are possible without rapport, and the path becomes infinitely more difficult for the seeker who chooses to ignore these Laws. Read No Religion Is Greater Than Friendship.

Tension — Know that tension is caused by the mind's struggle "to be eternally aware of the awareness that it witnesses." The release of tension either suddenly overcomes the mind's resistance, or the overcoming suddenly releases the tension. Either way, the seeker is jettisoned past the mind into Pure Awareness.

Transmission — Transmission is the final catalyst, the releasing of extreme tension. Know that a skilled teacher may trigger an Experience for someone who is standing on the edge of the Abyss. Read Spiritual Rapport (PDF, 43 kb)

Lifestyle — Know that the door remains open when the "right" code of conduct is adopted.

The Albigen System does not provide formulas for "attaining." It merely provides ways and means for self definition, to better understand ourselves and others. A sincere seeker does not reach for magical Absolute states of mind. The seeker instead incessantly asks, "Who am I?" Only thus do we create an opportunity for a massive accident that will change our perspective and resolve our Heartache once and for all.

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In the final mile...even the desire for finding the Self burns off. You continue your search for the sake of search. Ego is pretty much shriveled by this time and any desire for self-enhancement is gone completely.

- Anima Pundeer