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What is JavaScript?

According to The JavaScript Source, JavaScript is defined as "...a basic scripting language that allows Web authors to create dynamic pages that react to user interaction. JavaScript is a 'safe' programming language, one that cannot access any system controls or hardware on a user's computer."

The authors of use JavaScript to hide email addresses from spambots, sort the lists in the SearchWithin download center, and other small enhancements.

If the following text states that "JavaScript may be disabled," then JavaScript in your browser settings are most likely disabled.

JavaScript may be disabled!

If JavaScript is disabled in your Web browser, you can safely enable this feature while visiting Alternatively, if you wish to visit us with JavaScript disabled, some functions will be unavailable. For example, the column sorting feature will not function in the SearchWithin download center; or a traditional email address...

...will appear as follows:

example at searchwithin dot org

When applicable, we will post special notes about disabled JavaScript on our Web pages.

Enable JavaScript

You can locate help on turning on Javascript by visiting other Websites. See How to enable JavaScript in your browser or How to enable JavaScript in web and mobile browsers.

Free JavaScripts on
are provided by The JavaScript Source