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TAT Foundation Weekend Intensive
Doing Nothing vs Being Nothing

Saturday and Sunday
April 12-13, 2014

At first glance, Doing Nothing and Being Nothing may seem easily dismissed as New Age or Neo-Advaita clich├ęs. In fact, there have been many words spoken at TAT over the years that indirectly, or directly postulate the answer for the seeker, i.e. "you are awareness" and such things that seem to lead many into thinking they know the destination and so now all they have to do to get there is just sink into the proper meditative trance, etc. Yet, if you were to take either statement and examine what it really bears witness to, in your own experience, you might come to a state where you ask "What do I know for sure?" That state of uncertainty and urgency is the doorway to finding out. Join TAT for a weekend of examining the case of the forgotten self, and come a step or two closer towards discovering who you really Are.

The event is being held at Penn Scenic View in southwestern Pennsylvania. For details, visit TAT's event web page: Doing Nothing vs Being Nothing. The registration deadline is Monday, April 7th.

First Know Thyself

Visit an umbrella Web site for self inquiry groups meeting throughout the world, consisting of those who are seeking to trulyThe Thinker understand themselves—to first know themselves. The groups listed on this page are composed of people with widely varying personalities and backgrounds.

Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group

The group meets at the Carnegie Library near Pittsburgh, PA. Meetings serve as forums for discussing self-inquiry and self-definition—using the mind to understand the mind.

Self Inquiry Discussion Group

sig logo The group meets in Raleigh, NC, and provides an opportunity to meet with others involved in the search for Truth and Self-realization. Free audio and video recordings.

Above the unity of being is the union of love. Love is the meaning and purpose of duality.

- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That